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By Tracy Madison

ISBN-10: 1428508511

ISBN-13: 9781428508514

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She continued to stare at me, waiting for my answer. Begging me to answer. Reaching deep, I found the anger from earlier. Anger was better than tears. Anger shielded me from everything else. I grabbed the rattle from Alice’s grasp and shook it. “I’m done here! This is dumb, and all you really want is for me to break things off with Kyle. ” Everyone was silent. Alice shook her head in either disappointment or sadness; I wasn’t sure which. Verda began clearing up the room. After a few more minutes, Elizabeth joined her.

What she said had hit a nerve. I had a choice here: tell them this part of the truth, like they thought they wanted, and open the wound that had only begun to close, or continue the charade. “Nothing is going on,” I said, choosing the charade. ” Liz inhaled a breath, and a tiny grin appeared. ” Okay, this was not a development I’d expected. ” I asked, barely daring to hope. “The cake, Chloe. I was somehow…compelled…to do what you wanted, to cast that wish. ” I thought back to that moment in the bakery, to everything that had occurred.

I raced around to pick up the book and smiled in greeting. His return smile lacked warmth, but I found I didn’t care. At all. Because this man…? Wow. Tall, probably around six foot, with short hair the color of burnished gold, and his eyes…Well, they were simply the bluest I’d ever seen. A vast, endless ocean. And he had a body that only comes from serious workouts. Merely stating he was fit didn’t do the man justice. He was hot-man-of-the-month-in-a-fireman-calendar gorgeous. Wiping my suddenly damp palms on my slacks, I squealed, “Hi!

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