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The son is in the field, the daughter meanwhile shoots pheasants and rabbits and rides over the country to buy colts for breeding . In this she is an 44 A GERMAN DOCTOR AT THE FRONT expert. In Heiligenbeil lives a famous old county physician, Wollermann, friend of my old teacher, Lichtheim . With him I stopped for coffee with his three daughters, all serving as nursing sisters. The lazarets were in perfect order . In the evening I proceeded to Braunsberg . There I examined on Tuesday without interruption from 8 : 30 AM to 6 : 00 PM 750 patients in 15 lazarets, drank a cup of coffee and drove to Elbing .

On the other hand it was entirely absent in 1866 and in 1870-71. In Germany typhus had completely died out, the, last epidemic having raged in Berlin in 1878 . Since then a very few men have been infected by traveling artisanjourneymen . I myself had never seen a case. But it was known that typhus was indigenous beyond our eastern frontier and that we might have to reckon with its invasion in our army and our country . It was therefore my duty to go after each suspected case and to familiarize myself with the nature of the disease .

In July 1914 the border provinces Podolia and Wolhynia were officially declared to be infected by the epidemic . There Russian troops became infected, and they carried the disease into Galicia, there infecting Austrian troops, who brought it to Silesia . Thanks to the energetic intervention of the hygienist Oberstabsarzt (Major) W. Hoffmann, it was soon suppressed . The epidemic appeared also in Serbia, refugees carrying it over all countries of the dual monarchy. There about 23,000 cases were reported in the fall of 1914 .

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