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Flourishing from A. D. 1 to seven-hundred, the Recuay inhabited lands in northern Peru slightly under the enforcing glaciers of the top mountain chain within the tropics. Thriving on an economic system of high-altitude plants and camelid herding, they left in the back of finely made works of art and grand palatial structures with an exceptional aesthetic and a excessive measure of technical sophistication.

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Here's a set of essays on Historia normal del Piru that debate not just the manuscript's actual components--quires and watermarks, scripts and pigments--but additionally its relation to different Andean manuscripts, Inca textiles, ecu pics, and Spanish resources and book strategies. The sum is an surprisingly specific and interdisciplinary research of the production and destiny of a historic and creative treasure.

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It consists of deceased dog records which have been returned from Department of Defense Agencies, worldwide. The primary value of these records lies in the medical data used in the Veterinary Service, with identification data (name of dog and brand number) for use in tracing or otherwise determining specific age, type, and cycle of assignments in the military services. There are approximately 7,000 individual dog records. Sentry dogs and their airmen handlers maintain vigilance at important bases throughout the world.

98. , (1902Clippings (1929-1931). ) 2 scrapbooks 2 boxes ) 99. , Brig. Gen. (1920Dean of Faculty, USAF Academy (1956-1968). Official correspondence, speeches, writings. 6 boxes 100. Mitchell, William ("Billy"), Brig. Gen. (1879-1936) Copies of holdings deposited at the Library of Congress (See 26 Men of the Lafayette Escadrille celebrating the entry of U. S. into World War I. Left to right: Sgt. Dugan, Capt. Thenault, Sgt. Hewitt, Lt. Thaw. Standing: Raoul Lufberry and Lt. DeLaage (shoulder turned).

1888-1957) 44 scrapbooks Newspaper clippings of the 1927-1928 Antarctic expedition. 84. , Gen. (1903-1971) 7 in. , Mediterranean Allied Air Forces (1944-1945), Director of Intelligence, Hq. USAF (1949-1951), Deputy Director, CIA (1953-1962). Official and personal correspondence (1944-1952); reports and memorandums while a military observer in Great Britain (Feb-Apr 1941); World War II strategic bombing material including a target program, bombing directive, enemy techniques, and aircrew recovery facts, (Oct 1944); review of oil and transportation target system (Jan-Jun 1944).

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