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By Konrad Heiden

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10. The first duty of every citizen shall be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall carry on any work that is deleterious to the community, but shall contribute to the benefit of all. “Hence we demand: “11. That all unearned incomes shall be abolished, BREAKING THE BONDAGE OF INTEREST “12. In consideration of the tremendous sacrifices of property and life which every war imposes upon the people, all personal gains resulting from war must be regarded as treason to the nation. We therefore demand that the returns from all war-profiteering shall be forfeited down to the last farthing.

As yet it did not break up bourgeois meetings, but it remorselessly bore down its weaker rivals. Dr. Gerlich, the bourgeois editor of the Münchener Neueste Nachrichten, now a determined antagonist of the Nazi Party, at that time invented the phrase that describes Marxism in its present polemical sense as the sum-total of Socialists combined under the International, whether Majority Social Democrats, Independents, or Communists. Gradually the Nazis adopted this splendid catchword, but then they directed it against almost every one else.

He now learnt from Jung that it was a peculiarity of the Jewish people always to Judaize other peoples more and more; that Luther’s reformation was only superficial, because it did not separate Christianity from the Old Testament; that the Western cult of Mammon and Eastern Bolshevism were only apparent opposites, but were in reality allies for setting up a Jewish World Empire. He learnt furthermore that Downloaded by [INFLIBNET Centre] at 08:49 29 August 2012 The Origins of National Socialism 29 international democracy was nothing more nor less than the political outcome of the Jewish spirit, and hence it was necessary to destroy parliamentarianism and replace it by a constitution representative of the several corporations (professions or vocations) in the realm.

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