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Milik, op. , I, 8 5 ; J . T. Milik, "The Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of the Bk. of E n o c h , " Bib/ica, 32 (1951), 393-400. ) The text assumes an etymology from ITO. This idea is paralleled in Sir. " This puns on TVm. Cf. -Philo, Bib. Ant. i. 2 0 . ) See L. : Jewish Pub. , 1909-1955), V , 1 6 8 . Note the three possible etymologies suggested for "Noah" in I Enoch 1 0 6 : 1 8 and 1 0 7 : 3 . ) Cf. I Enoch 1 2 : 4 ; 1 3 : 3 ; and 1 5 : 1 - 2 . In Sefer Hayashar (EBI. II, 18) it is Methuselah. 2 8 4 *) Cf.

Three levels are observable in his material: the historical event of the past, the lessons to be drawn from it, and the allegories which may be attached to it. ) The fact that a particular passage was interpreted in one way did not at all preclude the possibility of its also having a second meaning. ) Repeatedly when citing a passage he says, "The literal meaning is clear," and makes no further comment. ) For some passages, however, he suggests that the entire passage is to be taken allegorically; ) while for still others no allegory is offered.

2 7 . , Gen. 6 : 1 8 (GCS. I. 2. 8 8 ) ; Augustine, De catech. 1 9 . 32 (PL. 40. 334); Chrysostom, In Ep. I Thess. 4, horn. 8. 2 (PG. 62. 442). ) In M T . Lamech dies five yrs. before Methuselah. Methuselah dies in the year of the flood. In L X X Lamech dies 49 years before Methuselah and Methu­ selah is still alive at the time of the flood; see L. : Jewish Pub. Society, 1955), V , 1 6 5 . , Gen. 6 : 1 8 (GCS. 1. 2. 88). The rabbis debated whether the body of Adam was destroyed by the flood; see Gen.

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