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By NB VanYoos

ISBN-10: 0557044057

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From l. a. drug broker to hero of an alien international, the Universe should have a feeling of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling misplaced within the cosmos, struggles to appreciate the technologically complicated international whose hero he has inadvertently develop into. Posing because the excellent Commander of the planet?s fleet, Tyler needs to fast study the murky alliances of the army to be triumphant opposed to their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler?s naivet? doom the warring international or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral?s international to beat one other?

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With relations in the business, it would have been easy for Raul to walk away. A part of Tyler hoped he did. He’d liked Raul, even loved him like a brother. Considering Tyler’s current predicament, he wanted better for everyone he knew. He hoped Linda went back to her family and made up for the lost time she’d wasted with him. Maybe she married someone who would take care of her the way she deserved. He’d failed completely by dragging her into his world of never ending parties where you never dried out long enough to experience lows.

He transitioned to the planet’s surface, and from this depth, the sky was a dark blue, nearly black. The thickness of the atmosphere blocked out most of the sun’s rays, and oddly enough, the isolating blackness was comforting. He hovered above the ground, letting depression seize him in a debilitating melancholy. He daydreamed of a time before his fate had changed—a time on Earth. He remembered good things and bad, wondering what had happened to Linda and her life. He knew Raul would miss his best salesperson.

He knew it was more than sex. He was part of a A Needle In The Universe 35 greater purpose—whole and complete as he realized the species would survive—that a part of him would survive. He was giddy from the experience, and felt swept away in its lingering after-effects. He flew happily on the breeze, his mission fulfilled. Almost like dozing off, he felt the creature begin to fade, dying after its contribution was given. As the feelings finally dissipated, Tyler felt a pop as he was pulled out of the creature, left to watch it disappear into the gloom.

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