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By Hans Robert Jauss

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Lope I them "system-stabilizing" blocks one's perception of their originally heteronomous intent, their norm-destroying or norm-creating effect. Not to mention the fact that neither the simple negation of a given SKETCH OF A THEORY AND HISTORY OF AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE □ 17 society nor the pure innovation of form guarantee that a work of art will outlast its avant-gardist effect to then become classical and exemplary. " Precisely those works that have the historical power to transcend the canon of the customary anrl thp ho"/n n o f what js_expectq| are not irpimine fxojngradually losingjJTeir.

4 A public that could only escape the closed horizons of a world that was saddled with illiteracy and ordered by immutable doctrine if it listened to poetry or music or gazed at the illustrations of the "picture Bible of the cathedrals" must have felt with special intensity the fascination an imaginary heroic universe exerts. But even in our time, the disclosure of another world beyond everyday reality is the most obvious door to aesthetic experience. It would be difficult to document this more beautifully than by an anecdote Giraudoux tells: "They took my father to the gymnasium when he was eight years old.

15 But how is such superiority of origin of the classical work to be reconciled with the principle of a progressive concretization of meaning, and how can the "identity of meaning"of the original question, "which has always already mediated the distance between origin and present," 16 be harmonized with the productive attitude of understanding in hermeneutic application? I therefore believe I can invoke Gadamer against Gadamer when I follow his principle of application and understand literary hermeneutics as the task of interpreting the tension between text and present as a process in which the dialogue between author, reader, and new author deals with the temporal distance in the back-and-forth of question and answer, of original answer, present question, and new solution, and concretizes meaning in ever different ways, and therefore more richly.

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