Against civilization : readings and reflections - download pdf or read online

By John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker

ISBN-10: 0922915989

ISBN-13: 9780922915989

ISBN-10: 1021051071

ISBN-13: 9781021051073

ISBN-10: 1932595708

ISBN-13: 9781932595703

“Read it and you may by no means think about civilization within the related approach again.”—Kirkpatrick Sale

This anthology approximately "the pathology of civilization" deals perception into how development and expertise have ended in vacancy and alienation.

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They play tapes on loudspeakers of the cries of wounded seagulls, and they’re considering putting up hawk silhouettes to see if that might do the trick. -39- SECTION I. OUTSIDE CIVILIZATION Someone has invented something called a “chicken gun” or a “rooster booster” which hurls four-pound chicken carcasses into the windshields of aircraft at speeds over 500 mph to test their strength against bird collisions. These tests are presently taking place on Air Force jets. S. Air Force in 1975 after three F-111 jets were lost due to bird collisions.

A. ” Yet this is exactly what the customary procedure of medicine has been. The reasons have been somewhat of necessity, it is to be admitted, for one can scarcely study health when the adequate controls are not present. In civilization one studies civilized people, and the frequency of the forms of degeneration which are found then determine what we consider normal and abnormal. As a result, conditions which generally form no part of undomesticated animal life are regarded as normal and necessary for the human species.

It is even remotely conceivable that they did know of these things, in potential form at least, but saw them as trivial to the process of life.... In the silence, all of the chitchat and all of the worries and all of the monuments fade. In the is-ness, what need to leave one’s mark? What need to become immortal through art or culture? Disappearance is erasing the record, off track, no trails, no history. One is in the disappearance already. All one needs is to lose track, to stop recording, to turn off the tape machine, to disappear, it’s all right....

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