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By Carole A. Myscofski

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The Roman Catholic church performed a dominant position in colonial Brazil, in order that women’s lives within the colony have been formed and limited through the Church’s beliefs for natural ladies, in addition to by way of parallel strategies within the Iberian honor code for girls. documents left by way of Jesuit missionaries, Roman Catholic church officers, and Portuguese Inquisitors clarify that women’s day-by-day lives and their possibilities for marriage, schooling, and non secular perform have been sharply circumscribed through the colonial interval. but those similar records additionally offer evocative glimpses of the spiritual ideals and practices that have been particularly loved or independently constructed via ladies for his or her personal use, constituting a separate international for better halves, moms, concubines, nuns, and witches.

Drawing on huge unique examine in basic manuscript and published resources from Brazilian libraries and data, in addition to secondary Brazilian ancient works, Carole Myscofski proposes to write down Brazilian girls again into heritage, to appreciate how they lived their lives in the society created through the Portuguese imperial govt and Luso-Catholic ecclesiastical associations. Myscofski bargains unique explorations of the Catholic colonial perspectives of the precise girl, the styles in women’s schooling, the spiritual perspectives on marriage and sexuality, the background of women’s convents and retreat homes, and the advance of magical practices between girls in that period. one of many few wide-ranging histories of ladies in colonial Latin the US, this ebook makes a very important contribution to our wisdom of the early smooth Atlantic World.

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Women in the Tupian and Arawak communities in northeastern Brazil actually fought alongside male warriors and led separate women’s sodalities—which may have confirmed European lore. Indeed, by the 1520s, more stories appeared in Europe to elaborate the ancient tales. 47 Conquistador Hernán Cortés suggested the name “California” for “the Amazon Queen Califia . . 48 With this supportive background, it is not surprising that reports of the discovery of Amazons in the New World emerged relatively early in the colonial era alongside the misperceptions of indigenous women by European explorers and missionaries.

They sharpened their understanding of the challenges in the new lands on the imaginary stone of European myths and legends and translated the nearly incomprehensible novelty of American otherness into the oft-­told tales of alien creatures and lands from the European past. Gendered aspects of difference conveyed and constructed their sense of wonder and discomfort with the New World. In this first example from Nóbrega { 20 } Amazons, Wives, Nuns, and Witches and more explicitly in other writings and visual depictions, the territory of the New World and the bodily nature of its people were inexorably linked.

The colony in Brazil was not a religious enterprise, and its new dominators were not primarily engaged in the recovery of lost souls. Instead, the Portuguese royal authority administered all enterprises in its colonies, and inculcated conquerors and conquered alike more directly in their appropriate superiority and inferiority through law, constitutions, royal orders, and government mandates. The religious presence in Brazil, in the parish priests, resident and itinerant missionaries, appointed bishops, cardinals and nuncios, and visiting preachers, provided both the justification for the colonial enterprise in religious terms and its occasional critique.

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