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21 The idea has not yet run its course, even if many of us occupiers are suffering from wintery bleakness before what I hope is a blossoming of occupy again this spring, and into the summer and beyond. In this accelerated instance of traversing the battered byway toward utopia, it’s too hard to peer ahead at exactly where we’re going and hence it’s difficult to speculate on it in print. I trust, however, as does Erik, that you’ll catch glimpses of the breathtaking prefigurative heights of occupy and other people power movements within several of our picture-essays.

There are miles and decades of barriers, many invisible, between them that still need to be broken down. Here, graphic and textual representation work with and against each other, creating a richer fabric than either would do alone. Paths toward Utopia continuously brings us back to the concept of the commons. The need for a commons, what we share among us with no claim to private ownership, is an idea so simple and powerful, yet simultaneously so elusive in the face of capitalism’s ability to shape our perceptions of reality.

Org Printed on recycled paper by the Employee Owners of Thomson-Shore in Dexter, Michigan. com CONTENTS Acknowledgments Foreword by Josh MacPhee Prologue by Cindy Milstein Solidarity Is a Pizza Good Defense Food for Thought What to Keep Borrowing from the Library Picking Up the Park Paths toward Utopia The Gift Deciding for Ourselves Waking to Revolution About the Contributors ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Despite Paths toward Utopia being a collaborative effort between the two of us, we couldn’t have done this book on our own.

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