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In 5 lectures brought in 1937, Kayek “extended Mises’ financial idea to supply a groundbreaking research of the overseas operation of the 24-karat gold standard… the 1st finished case opposed to so-called freely fluctuating trade premiums. ”

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31 A year later one of its authors – the future governorgeneral of Indochina, Jean Marie de Lanessan – observed in his book L’expansion coloniale de la France that the border between Siam and the French colonial empire should be pushed not only to the Mekong but beyond. 32 Although neither these maps, the parliamentary report or Lanessan’s book were official documents, they reveal how a new notion of a French colonial space was in the making. 33 From a Siamese point of view, however, European colonialism had unleashed the powerful weapon of modern geographical knowledge and introduced new ideas to the region about fixed borders and undivided suzerainties.

35. 17. , p. 39. 18. , p. 41. 19. , pp. 42–43. 20. See also Bruce Lockhart, ‘Pavatsat Lao: Constructing a National History’, Southeast Asia Research, 14:3, 2006, pp. 361-386. For a discussion of the LPDR’s historiographical relationship with communist Vietnam, see Christopher E. Goscha, ‘Revolutionizing the Indochinese Past: Communist Vietnam’s “Special” Historiography on Laos’, in Christopher E. Goscha and Søren Ivarsson (eds), Contesting Visions of the Lao Past: Lao Historiography at the Crossroads (NIAS Studies in Asian Topics, No.

In relation to the Siamese-Lao nexus, an overall classificatory grid emerged in which the Siamese/Thai and Lao were incorporated as different branches of an inclusive Thai race. This classification of the Siamese/Thai and Lao as members of the Thai race was linked primarily with linguistic communality as the Thai and Lao languages are closely related and are part of the overall Tai language family. Focusing primarily on the period after Laos was established as a French colonial space in 1893, David Streckfuss has discussed how notions of race became an important ideological tool for French colonialists in the attempts to seize the ‘Laotian’ and ‘Cambodian’ portions of Siam and how the Siamese ruling elite creatively adapted racial thinking in delegitimising French claims.

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