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With specific specialise in political intrigue, army strength, and such key figures as Eva Peron and Videla, it is a enticing survey of the using forces at the back of Argentina, its dramatic upward thrust, and up to date difficulties.

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So began a bloody conflict that saw Paraguay lose much territory and about half its male population. In addition to redrawing regional frontiers, the war set a stamp on the process of Argentine state building, determining the future direction of domestic economic and political strategy as well as shaping foreign policy. The War of the Triple Alliance marked a new stage in Argentine–Brazilian relations. qxd 04/10/02 07:40 Page 34 34 Argentina: A Short History the ‘regional’ interests of the other while seeking to secure a working strategic alliance that would facilitate the resolution of future disputes.

For the half century following Independence, Brazil was by far the most influential state in the region and regimes in Buenos Aires were preoccupied by Brazilian pretensions in Uruguay and Paraguay. Thereafter, certainly until the 1920s when naval rivalry threatened the regional balance of power, Argentina considered its institutions and place in the world as superior to its ‘tropical’ northern neighbour. These views derived from economic prosperity and the ‘settler’ character of Argentine society and polity.

Qxd 04/10/02 07:40 Page 28 28 Argentina: A Short History of Paris at a failure to secure for French traders commercial and civil privileges similar to those obtained by Britain in the 1825 treaty. The Anglo–French blockade of September 1845 to September 1847 was triggered by Rosas’ efforts to close the Uruguay river to foreign shipping and his intervention in Uruguay. In 1853, with the cessation of Buenos Aires, Confederation forces attempted a short-lived blockade. Blockades had a devastating affect on government finances, though the impact on production and trade may have been less pronounced.

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