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The agent makes use of interaction protocols beyond simple dialogues, for example negotiations on finding a common position, solving conflicts or distributing tasks The agent has the ability to pro-actively plan and coordinating its reactive behavior in the presence of the dynamical environment formed by the other acting agents. 6 Further properties associated with an agent. Based on Taskin et al. (2006). These definitions are interesting from a philosophical point of view, but their meaning is often vague and imprecise.

Property Description Autonomy Reactivity The agent exercises control over its own actions; it runs asynchronously. The agent responds in a timely fashion to changes in the environment and decides for itself when to act. The agent responds in the best possible way to possible future actions that are anticipated to happen. Proactivity Social ability (Ability to communicate) Ability to set goals Temporal continuity The agent has the ability to communicate in a complex manner with other agents, including people, in order to obtain information or elicit help in achieving its goals.

People make their own decisions, and exist within, interact with, and effect the environment that surrounds them. Similarly, the goal of agent designers is to endow their agent-oriented systems with similar decision-making capabilities and similar capacity for interacting and effecting their environment. In this light, the different meanings listed in the dictionary definition are related to each other by the underlying analogy of an entity that has the ability to act for itself, or on behalf of another, or with the ability to produce an effect, with some of the capabilities of a human.

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