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By Kathleen Culligan Techler

ISBN-10: 1584952601

ISBN-13: 9781584952602

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But he pushed her gently to one side. ” Drew pointed to the box Marya wanted to lift. “A brown recluse spider. ” He reached for a can of insect spray and killed the spider. ” “Sure are. They can even cause death. The sting destroys tissue, and keeps spreading. To stop it, the dead tissue has to be cut away. “Yuck! Thanks. ” Marya calmly reached for the vacuum cleaner. Drew snorted. “Little miss one-track-mind! ” Walter nodded. “Maybe we should give it up, Marya. ” BARRIERS Kathleen Culligan Techler 47 Marya noted Walter’s sad expression.

She yelled, suddenly afraid. Since that purse-snatching episode, she’d felt vulnerable. But not on the island. The island was safe, she reminded herself. ” It was Penelope’s voice. A moment later Penelope came through the living room and kitchen toward her. ” Marya walked in. ” Penelope smiled. “A job was canceled, so I have some free time. ” She wore a yellow cotton sweater with pale green linen pants. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and little tendrils cured around her face.

Never any breaking and entering out here,” Walter said, pushing the door open. The room was about nine by nine, Marya estimated, with shelves on three walls. On the shelves were boxes, miscellaneous fishing gear, and tools, all dusty. An old chair stood in a corner. The floor was covered with sand BARRIERS Kathleen Culligan Techler 32 Walter shook his head. “I forgot how dirty it was. ” Marya watched his shoulders slump, the enthusiasm drain out of his face. “It is dusty,” she said, “but I bet it wouldn’t take long to clean.

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