Download e-book for iPad: Basic Armouring: A Practical Introduction to Armour Making by Paul Blackwell

By Paul Blackwell

The best way to make your personal armour.
Good for roleplaying or actual combat.

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Forming a ‘V’ here will pull the two sides up a little; accentuate this shape slightly by hammering on the inside. Finally hammer the dotted outside area slightly downwards to produce the cross section shown. 55 A RMS Figure 12-1: Templates for Elbows 56 A RMS Hidden Elbow This is simply a metal cop that can be worn behind a shield or under clothing to protect the elbow. It is made in an identical fashion to the articulated one above and held in place by a leather strap. Floating Elbow Cop This is an elbow protector that is laced to the gamberson independently of the forearm and upper arm protection.

Trim padding until a snug and comfortable fit is achieved 26 PADDING Don’t glue your padding fully in - you may need to tighten your rivets or take a dent out—try a removable liner or Duct Tape instead. Gauntlet Padding Gauntlets tend to be fairly tight fitting leaving little room for padding. Gauntlets, however, don’t need much padding as they achieve a lot of their effect by spreading the force of a blow—along the hand, onto the arm and onto the hilt or haft of your weapon. Start with a good pair of leather gloves; quantity welding or gardening gloves work fine.

1. Carve a block of wood into a former the shape of your padded forearm. 2. Scale template to your arm then cut from a piece of thick natural tan/tooling leather. Don’t make it too close fitting or you won’t be able to get your arm in it after hardening! 3. Soak leather in water until it becomes malleable then stretch it around the wooden former. Hold in place with carpet pins. If you want you can now make pretty patterns all over it; look up carving in a leather working book! 4. Place into a warm oven and allow to dry slowly.

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