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By John Roberts

ISBN-10: 1557500681

ISBN-13: 9781557500687

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I like your confidence", Valentine said. "Stay put and wait", Hornbreed said. "I was a Youth Vanguard leader up Provo way. Worked my way up from larva to scout ant to warrior-guard. We'd go out on squat clearance, burning old homes and buildings outside of town, finding hidden livestock and fields. One time we came on... sheesh, I don't know what to call it. I guess a pilgrimage. Thousand people or more on foot heading for California, hauling stuff on bicycles and handcarts. Our leader decided to follow 'em, see what they were up to.

Took a couple, thanks. Grabbed the medical kit first thing". " He took a handful of dried fruit. "They do. Everyone was low on fuel - end of the leg. Guess no one had the guts to try a setdown to pick me up - strict rules about that, we lose too many ships. The strip we're heading for is just a temp, though, no pickup helicopter. There's a couple parked at Yuma, so I might be on my own until tomorrow". " "No. Planted it on some broken glass, otherwise I'd offer you a candied plum. Didn't look when I unhooked.

He winked and started up his bike. Valentine ducked back into the shadow of the plane and watched Loring bump off. He dropped into a crouch, and began to hunt. --Valentine followed his nose uphill, found a telltale drop of blood or two, and finally heard rather wheezy breathing from a thick stand of barrel-shaped cacti. Wild sheep dotted the mountain slopes above, feeding on the grasses in the wind-sheltered washes. The flier had chosen his vantage well. It offered a good view of the wreck and the mountainside.

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