Judith Berman's Bear Daughter PDF

By Judith Berman

ISBN-10: 0441013902

ISBN-13: 9780441013906

While a twelve-year-old wakes up as a human girl-instead of a bear-one cloudy morning, she embarks on an exciting trip via either mortal and immortal worlds...to mend her prior, face her fears, and store all the nation-states within which she treads.

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Said Wren. ” Still dubious, Glory helped Cloud into her best dress, the one she had worn for her first meeting with Thrush. Wren raised her eyebrows when she saw the ivory raven that Cloud wore on a piece of string under her clothing. ” “Thrush gave it to her, of course,” said Glory. “No, leave it under her dress. ” Glory also dug out threadbare sea-otter robes for Cloud and herself. ” Wren asked. “Rumble has them in Storm House,” Glory said. ” Old Stick printed Halibut House crests on their cheeks with a bone stamp: raven’s feet and a trapezoidal halibut abstracted into long thin lines.

Her brother, your brother, will be our king when he is grown. ” The next day they began moving provisions across town to Storm House, with Stick and the other slaves carrying the heavy loads. Boxes of fur robes and copper bracelets followed the stores of salmon, deer meat, tallow, oil, and berry cakes. Cloud’s first sight of the interior of Storm House left her awestruck: magnificent painted screens and carved posts, cedar floors and apartment walls carpentered as masterfully as a treasure box. Even the vertical boards of the stepped platforms around the hearth bore carvings, fierce thunderbirds with outstretched wings.

She smoothed Cloud’s hair. “Now we’d better pick some cran­ berries, hadn’t we? ” Cloud understood the warning: no one was to know that she and Thrush had met. They hiked up their skirts and headed into the swamp after Glory and Thrush’s slave. The four of them filled their baskets with cranberries all afternoon. Cloud was happy in her mother’s company, happy to be doing something as simple as picking berries. She tried not to think of her dead brothers. When the shadow of the forest stretched across the swamp, and sunlight touched only the topmost crowns, Thrush and her attendant left along the path they had come by.

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