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No law is everywhere testable. The important point is that it can be tested for a wide variety of terrestrial objects, composed of a wide variety of different substances, and moving in any of a wide variety of circumstances. And this point seems sufficient to establish the empirical character of the law. What remains, then, is to see what relationship there is between this law and the principle of action and reaction, and to examine whether changes of momentum can be gauged independently of this law.

22. Oeuvres de Descartes, op. , Vol. XI, p. 43. 23. The precise meaning of this law is explained more fully in Section III, where it is applied to show that an analytic solution of the n-body problem is in principle possible—a conclusion that incidentally demonstrates the possibility of setting up a purely kinematic definition of mass. 24. ” 25. D. A. T. Gasking, “Clusters,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 1 (May, 1960). 26. Some comments on this demonstration are in order.

M. Jammer, Concepts of Force (Cambridge; Harvard University Press, 1957), p. 124. 17. Principia, p. 13. Emphasis added. 18. , p. 14. Emphasis added. 19. , p. 21. Emphasis added. 20. , p. 2. 21. It was a universally received doctrine that forces are conserved, and hence that they are in some sense equal to the effects they produce. The only point of disagreement concerned the true measure of force. The Cartesians measured force by the product of mass and velocity, the Leibnizians by the prod­ uct of mass and velocity squared {vis viva).

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