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By Roger A. Salerno

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Very important rules that contributed to shaping 20th-century thought—ideas which proceed to carry nice importance for somebody drawn to the social world—are made obtainable during this illuminating quantity. Readers might be influenced to delve into the deeper pool of data on hand on significant social theorists and their groundbreaking ideas.A mix of biographical and historic rules, this booklet was once written to introduce social thought to a huge viewers. It seems to be on the intersection among the theorist as a social actor and as a mirrored image of his or her time. The volume's breadth makes it a useful gizmo for these drawn to sociology and its many luminaries.

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23 A few years later, however, Comte approached Proudhon (and other leftists, including Auguste Blanqui) to join him in his positivist mission. The two thinkers had copies of their books sent to each other; they read each other’s writings (although Proudhon doubted Comte would read his work), and carried on a long-distance correspondence. In order to attract Proudhon, Comte used flattery, praising Proudhon’s spontaneity, verve, and originality. Proudhon both accepted the label “positivist” and rejected it at different times, but he remained consistently cynical about Comte’s objectives.

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