Karen Haber's Bless the Beasts (Star Trek Voyager, No 10) PDF

By Karen Haber

ISBN-10: 0671567802

ISBN-13: 9780671567804

In determined want of the most important maintenance, the Starship VoyagerTM has come to Sardalia, a planet blessed with nice traditional good looks and it sounds as if pleasant population. The Sardalians welcome Voyager enthusiastically, yet Captain Janeway quickly grows suspicious. The Sardalians look nearly too desirous to aid. Janeway fears they're hiding a few mystery schedule. whilst Tom Paris and Harry Kim disappear whereas traveling the planet, the captain and her group locate themselves stuck in the midst of a planetary warfare -- and confronted with an agonizing ethical predicament.

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I've detected a problem with the theta-matrix compositing system. " "Unknown," Torres responded. " Janeway might have paused to wonder where in this vast quadrant she would find a fresh source of dilithium. " "Perhaps twenty-six hours before we experience serious power fluctuations. " "We'll initiate a priority search for dilithium immediately," Janeway said. The crew moved to do her bidding as smoothly as well-maintained microrelays. The sound of the captain's voice-the confidence and certainty within it-kept morale high, an important consideration for a crew traveling through an unknown quadrant.

At the sound of Janeway's voice he turned, but before she could say more he faltered, clutching his head and gasping for breath. Janeway watched in horror as Kolias stumbled and collapsed, nearly striking his head on the banquet table. Yet his plight seemed to go unnoticed. No one in the crowd reacted except a lovely young girl with streaming lavender hair, who went quickly to his side. It was the same girl who moments before had so contemptuously dismissed the upstart Borizus Kolias's daughter.

It appears to be a pleasant place. " He raised an eyebrow, an obvious sign of his desire to be finished with receptions and back at his post aboard Voyager. " Lord Kolias approached, his odd jolting gait slowed to a hobble. He leaned heavily on his daughter's arm. "Forgive me. Marima here tells me that I have been remiss and must listen more closely to what you have been saying. A true host never ignores his guests' needs. " Janeway's smile was swift and sincere. "Thank you, Lord Kolias. We're desperately in need of replacement parts for damaged equipment.

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