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The normal and likely unrelated lives of Trejaeran Muirel and Qynh Reoder are without end and irrevocably replaced once they research they're brother and sister, dual heirs to the throne of Tiralainn, and the youngsters of a murdered King of fellows and Queen of the Elves. by way of Elfin prophecy, considered one of them will someday defeat Ciardha, the evil and immortal Queen who now reigns over the world, and repair the alliance of fellows and Elves. The twins were raised aside and in mystery for 16 years to maintain them secure from Ciardha and her darkish military of Damantas. while their havens are chanced on, their households attacked, Qynh and Trejaeran are rescued from sure dying and taken one of the insurgent forces of the Comhar, an alliance of fellows and Elves who suggest to determine the twins satisfy their promised future. whereas Qynh has witnessed the butchering of her kinfolk on the sword issues of Ciardha's squaddies and is greater than prepared to greet this fortune, her brother Trejaeran isn't so keen. His father nonetheless lives, kidnapped by way of the Damantas, and he could possibility his personal life--even his very soul--to see his father freed. Trejaeran follows his center, embarking with a gaggle of Comhar warriors to rescue his father, whereas Qynh follows the trail future would appear to dictate for her, driving forth with the Comhar military to salary battle opposed to Ciardha. alongside every one of those perilous and battle-fraught trips, as new neighbors are made, unforeseen enemies are came upon, and loves are fostered and damaged, the twins needs to finally make a decision even if their fates are predestined, or decided by means of their very own hearts.

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No, a'mac, you are not dreaming. " Trejaeran cried out happily and hugged his friend. ” he exclaimed against Dagarron's sleeve. " Trejaeran sat back from him and the smile faltered on his face. “But ... but this ... this is not right; this is not home. Where am I, Dagarron? What has happened? " He blinked, his expression growing troubled. “I remember now. I remember running home. " His eyes widened as he remembered Naera lying murdered in the yard and Petrich screaming at him Trejaeran, run!

One of the Donnag'crann came to him, kneeling by his side. “I will call for Linet,” he said quietly to Dagarron. “She is a Banaltra. She—" "It is too late,” Dagarron whispered. “Just now, he has passed into Tirmaithe before my eyes. " He covered his face with his hands and wept. Kierken had delivered Qynh safely to Orinein several days before Dagarron had arrived, and though Kierken had explained circumstances to Qynh as gently as he could, she had still been seized with confusion and rage upon her introduction to Dagarron.

Her fingers twined anxiously against the tattered folds of her dress; it was soiled and torn, soaked with Mahres’ blood and she stared down at the lap of her skirt, whimpering softly as her tears fell unabated. The Elf reached into a saddle bag, finding a bundle of clothing, a leine and breeches rolled together. He brought them to her, along with a filled waterskin. Qynh recoiled in bright, new fear at his approach, cowering as he genuflected in the fallen leaves and soft pine needles before her, offering her the clothes and water.

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