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By Glenn Cooper

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The Library: just a handful are aware of it exists . . . It holds the world's so much astonishing—and terrifying—information . . . however the one ebook that's the key to the best mystery of all time . . . is lacking. Former FBI detailed Agent Will Piper solved—and survived—the "Doomsday Killer" case . . . and his present used to be a compelled early retirement. however the shattering truths he realized concerning the government's so much covert operations will not enable him rest—and now he is at the path of a mysterious quantity that is been misplaced for 6 centuries. this is often the e-book that encouraged Shakespeare and the prophecies of Nostradamus, and as soon as Will will get his fingers on it, his existence might be worthy nothing—his dying sentence a most sensible precedence passed down from the very optimum degrees of strength. simply because there are a few truths too harmful for somebody to know—those that crisis the long run, international domination . . . and the top of every little thing.

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She was on the plump side at the time, in the throes of freshman syndrome—new job, high stress, bad habits, and the like. Candidly, Will was always more of a lingerie-model sort of a guy. As an adolescent high-school football star, he had been imprinted with the body image of cheerleaders the way a duckling is imprinted by a mother duck. All his life, he saw a great body, he tried to follow it. Truth be told, he never thought about Nancy in a romantic way until a crash diet turned her into more of an hourglass.

Will angrily rode the elevator down to the lobby and peered at the empty vestibule. Before he could jump onto the street for a look-about, he saw a business card stuck at eye level onto the lobby door with a piece of tape. THE 2027 CLUB. HENRY SPENCE, PRESIDENT. And a phone number with a 702 area code. Las Vegas. There was a handwritten note in small block letters: Mr. Piper, Please call me immediately. 2027. The date made him suck air through his teeth. He pushed the door open. Outside, it was cool and dark, a few men and women on the sidewalks bundled up against the chill, walking purposefully, the way people did in this residential neighborhood.

She didn’t know or much care if his heavy drinking was a cause or an effect, but it was toxic, and he had to promise it would stop. He had to promise to be faithful. He had to promise to let her develop her career. He had to promise to let them stay in New York at least until she could get a transfer to someplace that floated both their boats. He didn’t have to promise to be a good father; she had a sense that wasn’t going to be a problem. Then she accepted his marriage proposal, her fingers crossed.

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