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By Dave Zirin

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ISBN-13: 9781608464333

The folk of Brazil celebrated once they discovered they'd be website hosting the 2014 international Cup - the world's most-viewed carrying event - and the 2016 Olympics. Now they're protesting in numbers the rustic haven't obvious in a long time, with Brazilians taking to the streets to attempt to reclaim the activities they love yet see being corrupted by way of robust company pursuits and greed. during this compelling new publication, Dave Zirin examines how activities and politics are colliding in amazing type in Brazil, establishing up a world dialog at the tradition and politics of activity.

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Bolivar described it as 'the finest m o n u m e n t of piety applied to w a r ' . A t that time the Liberator approached his inveterate e n e m y , General Pablo Morillo, head of the Spanish forces and, thus, for thefirsttime, w o n recognition for Colombia from the former motherland. O n 2 7 D e c e m b e r 1820, Bolivar drank with Morillo to the heroic constancy of the combatants on both sides: to their unrivalled firmness, suffering and courage. T o those meritorious m e n , w h o through terrible times, upheld and defended Liberty.

T h e contents of the revolutionary p r o g r a m m e were thus already defined. T h e old order which had been formed over 300 years was complete and harmonious, despite its outdated nature. Politically, it was rooted in the absolutism of the Bourbon monarchy, the colonial system, dependent and oppressive, with n o liberty, rights or guarantees. Socially, inequality was the rule—slavery and privilege, classes, estates and castes, and m a n y other distinctions. Economically, 33 S I M Ó N BOLÍVAR there was injustice in the distribution of property—a small p o w e r ful class with the majority of the people lacking the basic necessities.

O n m a n y occasions, he repeated his precepts on integrity and honesty. This journey was one of sad disillusion. A century seemed to have passed between the optimism of Angostura in 1819 and his n o w diminished circumstances of broken hopes, reflected in his anguished message to the Convention at O c a ñ a [90]. Soon, he w a s to bid the country farewell, his bones and ashes to return in a leaden casket in 1842. FOR THE UNIVERSITY In the history of Bolivar and Latin American culture, the final visit of the great son of Caracas to his native country will be remembered because of its great impact on the university.

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