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Via oral and written narratives, this publication examines the interplay among girls and the conflict in Spain, their motivation, the particular type of their involvment and the influence of the battle on their person lives. those topics are regarding wider concerns, equivalent to the character of reminiscence and the position of ladies in the public sphere. the level to which girls engaged with this reason surpasses by means of a long way different circumstances of lady mobilization in peace-time Britain. the sort of phenomenon hence can provide classes to people who would need to inspire a better measure of curiosity among girls in political actions this day.

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32 The childhood of Charlotte Haldane was perhaps more tempestuous than most. 33 Due in part to her intense affection for her English nanny, she identified herself as English from an early age by choice as well as birth. Her childhood she describes as being passed in ‘a state of more or less permanent emotional rebellion’, against the draconian discipline of her German governess. 34 To what extent this background contributed to her later rejection of social conventions to follow her own radically militant path is a matter for conjecture.

85 The division for women between a ‘personal’ motive, and a ‘political’ one is often very unstable. The personal and the political were closely related for Jessica (Decca) Mitford. Her early awareness of social conditions outside the bastions of privilege had become the basis for developing political ideas, part of a dynamic package wrapped up with a desire for adventure, and the excitement of falling in love. Her initial commitment to anti-fascism was not just the result of sibling rivalry, as she pointed out when writing of a conversation with her sister, Unity (Boud), a recent recruit to the British Union of Fascists: ‘Don’t you long to join too Decca?

25 Many of the women studied here were well aware of their rebellious characteristics and commented upon them during interviews or in their writings. Lillian Urmston, a nurse in Spain, is one such example. She was proud of her mother’s ‘gypsy’ ancestry and would wander off with gypsies as a little girl, being brought home again safely just as people were thinking of sending out the search parties. She identified even more strongly with her paternal ancestral inheritance: [My father] was always anxious to instil into me that I was a descendent of Jack Cade, the rebel.

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