James E. D. Cline's Building Up: The Novelway Prototype Shop, Crisis On First PDF

By James E. D. Cline

ISBN-10: 1442170743

ISBN-13: 9781442170742

This primary of the 4 technological know-how fiction novels via Jim Cline facilities round the adventures of creating the 1st Anchored Tether area Elevator, the 1st wheel-type area Station in Low Earth Orbit, And the 1st Kinetic strength Supported Transportation constitution to Geostationary Earth Orbit. additionally it is the linked brief tales and the technical heritage of the thoughts in those tales.

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The standard configuration vehicle was set up on the launch pad, tug booster flyback module on the bottom, the habitat module as modified to be a space bus on top of that, and a sleek airbreather booster strapped on the module, and up it went. In the Embarcadero as they called it, the airlock dock facility, Improv and Catalie waited, already partly in their space environment worksuits. The space bus module hove into view, began to nuzzle up to the docking ring, the slower steering thrusters and modified feedback loop worked.

Outside the huge, now-motionless wheel, Improy and Catalie in their space worksuits cut a patch panel for sealing and strengthening the exterior wall where the ragged gap had been torn by the exiting edge-on bulkhead. Deciding that it would be easier to do some of the interior repairs from the outside, they cut away the jagged area of the hole, big enough to enter and work in there. At that point they decided to also melt the original but severed fiberglass security cable, to be replaced by the new whole cable brought up with the agricultural shipment, back together so as to still be able to encircle the perimeter of the wheel, but would be loosely anchored to the shell, and so would be usable as an overhead cable from which to hang and ride along so as to be able to travel around the wheel's outside even when spinning full speed.

1 mile diameter ... 125 feet per module ... 150 flights including for spokes ... " she asked. He nodded a yes. In reality they were another two months debugging the wheel-shaped space habitat as it sat on the ground. Its solar panels received only a tenth of what they would have in space, so the energy to run air conditioning inside was marginal, during the hot summer days of New Mexico. Debugging the far too many interactive systems, both machine systems and living systems, all of which had to operate within certain ranges of the parameters, had some wild swings in some values that had to be stabilized adequately before it would be ready to be put into space.

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