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By Per J. Garegg and Alf A. Lindberg (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841213755

ISBN-13: 9780841213753

ISBN-10: 0841225311

ISBN-13: 9780841225312

content material: Michael Heidelberger : April 29, 1888-June 25, 1991 / Elvin A. Kabat --
How proteins realize and bind oligosaccharides / R.U. Lemieux --
Synthesis and immunological houses of glycopeptide T-cell determinants / Morten Meldal, Søren Mouritsen, and Klaus Bock --
Human fucosyltransferases excited by the biosynthesis of X (Gal-[beta]-1-4[Fuc-[alpha]-1-3]GlcNAc) and sialyl-X (NeuAC-[alpha]-2-3Gal-[beta]-1-4[Fuc-[alpha]-1-3]GlcNAc) antigenic determinants / Winifred M. Watkins, Patricia O. Skacel, and Philip H. Johnson --
Vibrio cholerae polysaccharide reports / Bengt Lindberg --
Distinguishing antibodies that bind inner antigenic determinants from those who bind the antigenic chain-terminus in basic terms / Cornelis P.J. Glaudemans, Larry G. Bennett, Apurba okay. Bhattacharjee, Eugenia M. Nashed, and Thomas Ziegler --
Purification of oligosaccharide antigens through vulnerable affinity chromatography / D.A. Zopf and W-T. Wang --
Synthesis and conformational research of the Forssman pentasaccharide and di-, tri-, and tetrasaccharide fragments / G. Magnusson, U. Nilsson, A.K. Ray, and K.G. Taylor --
Synthesis and immunochemistry of carbohydrate antigens of the [beta]-hemolytic streptococcus crew A / B. Mario Pinto --
Synthesis of antigenic heptose- and Kdo- containing oligosaccharides of the internal middle sector of lipopolysaccharides / H. Paulsen, E.C. Höffgen, and M. Brenken --
Molecular biology of anti-[alpha]-(1 [yields] 6)dextrans : antibody responses to a single-site-filling antigenic determinant / Elvin A. Kabat --
prolonged sort 1 chain glycosphingolipids : Lea-Lea (dimeric Lea) and Leb-Lea as human tumor linked antigens / Mark R. Stroud, Steven B. Levery, and Sen-itiroh Habomori.

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1988, 2895. 30. ; Duus, J. ; Pedersen, S. Carbohydr. ,1991, 211, 219. 31. ; Holm, A. Scand. J. Immunol. 1988, 28, 261. RECEIVED April 15, 1992 Chapter 4 Human Fucosyltransferases Involved in the Biosynthesis of X (Gal-β-1-4[Fuc-α1-3]GlcNAc) and Sialyl-X (NeuAC-α-2-3Gal-β-1-4[Fuc-α1-3]GlcNAc) Antigenic Determinants 1 2 3 Winifred M. Watkins , Patricia O. Skacel , and Philip H. ch004 1 Department of Haematology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London W12 ONN, England Department of Haematology, Northwick Park Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3UJ, England Medical Research Council Human Biochemical Genetics Unit, University College, London NW1 2HE, England 2 3 The X structure (Gal-β-1-4[Fuc-α-1-3]GlcNAc) occurs in glycoproteins, glycolipids, and free oligosaccharides and may be exposed as a terminal non-reducing end-group or masked by substitution with other sugars.

Other chemicals were purchased as follows and used without further purification. 0 · « 1:50 « « I 1 1 1:100 1:200 1:400 1:8001:1600 S e r u m dilution Figure 1. Antibody response towards MP7, 9 (filled symbols) and glycosylated MP7,10 (open symbols) in two different Balb/k mice injected 4 times with glycosylated MP7. No antibodies towards the two peptides were found in non-immunized mice. A significant antibody response against MP7 itself could be detected during further immunization of the mice (data not shown).

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