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This quantity had its delivery from a symposium geared up by means of the Macromolecular Secretariat of the yankee Chemical Society in Atlanta, GA, 1991. in view that Macromolecular SeCretariat has 5 engaging divisions-Polymer Chemistry; Polymer fabrics: technology and Engineering department; Colloid and floor Chemistry department; Cellulose, Paper and cloth department; and Rubber Division-the audio system have been invited from those disciplinaries and they're actually interdisciplinary in multidisciplinary parts.

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In conclusion, water soluble chitosan/amphoteric salt complexes have been found. The salt involving N-dodecylN,N-dimethyl-3-aminopropane sulfonate (DAP), is found to yield strong, clear flexible films. These films exhibit a different morphology than for films of pure chitosan. Additionally, the presence of hydrophobic regions within the films is revealed by the affinity of chitosan/DAP films to oleophilic dyes. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The support of the North Carolina Textile Foundation for this work is gratefully acknowledged.

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Malliaris, Structure and dynamics of water-in-oil droplets stabilized by sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate, J. Phys. Chem. 92: 19461953 (1988). 28. J. M. Bloor and E. , Kluwer, Dordrecht (1990). 29. A. C. DeSchryver, Fluorescence quenching in inverse micellar systems: possibilities and limitations, Langmuir 3 : 494-500 (1987). 30. DJ. Phillies, Quasielastic light scattering, Anal. Chem. 62: 1049A-1057A (1990). 31. M. -F. Eicke, Inverted micelles and microemulsions in the ternary system Hp/aerosol-OT/isooctane as studied by photon correlation spectroscopy, J.

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