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The Americans had reinterpreted their former Pacific War ally Ho Chi Minh as an enemy and decided to prevent him from bringing southern Vietnam under a 'communist' government, an outcome many in Washington believed would lead to all of Southeast Asia falling under Soviet/Chinese control. For the Chinese, sustaining Ho's fight was therefore an indirect means of draining the United States of blood and treasure. A victorious Vietminh military campaign would increase international respect for China's favoured strategy of open fighting against imperialism, as opposed to the Soviets' new line of 'peaceful coexistence'.

The end of the Cold War also left China the undisputed leader of the world communist movement. Although it rings hollow these days, the CCP continues to maintain that it is committed to "Socialism, that the Marxist view of history's inevitable march toward universal communism is still correct, and that the collapse of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe resulted from poor leadership and therefore has no relevance to China (Yuan, 1994, pp. 111-12). Beijing believes the West desires an economically fruitful, capitalist, politically compliant China, but fears a powerful, socialist 42 China's Foreign Relations China under CCP rule.

Overtures and secret contacts between the US and Chinese governments established a willingness to upgrade their relationship and prepared the way for President Richard Nixon's visit to Beijing in 1972. In the joint Shanghai Communique that emerged from this summit, the two countries agreed to work toward deeper, more peaceful, and normalized relations. The Taiwan issue remained a problem, but it was sidestepped through the two sides releasing separate statements. The American statement came close to accepting Beijing's position on Taiwan and committed the American government to 'progressively reduce [US] forces and military installations on Taiwan as the tension in the area diminishes'.

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