Cholesterol Metabolism, Ldl, and the Ldl Receptor by N. B. Myant PDF

By N. B. Myant

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Ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

summary: ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

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The secon dlin eo f evidenc efo ra noxystero l intermediatei s provide db y th e experimentso f Gupt aet al. (1986) , wh o hav e show ntha tsuppressio no f reduc tasei nculture dintestina l cell s b y LD Li s prevente db yspecifi c inhibitor so f cytochrome P-450 ,a mixed-functionoxidase . Thes efinding s sugges ttha tinhibi tiono f reductas e b y LD Li s mediate db y oxystero l forme dfro minternalize d cholesterol b y P-450-dependen toxidation . Inconclusion ,i nth eligh to fal l th e evidenc e discusse dabove , ther e seem s little reaso nt o doub tth e orthodo x vie w tha tHMG-Co A reductas ei s suppresse d 3 0 2 40 3.

Withi nth etota l masso ffre e cholestero l ther ei sa regulatory pool o f membrane cholesterol . Thi s pool monitor s th e free-cholestero l conten to f th e cel lan dsignal s th e cell' s re quirementfo rcholestero l t o site s whic hcontro l th e activit yo f HMG-Co A reduc tase an dth e LDL-receptorpathway . Thes esite s includ e th e gene sfo rreductas e andth e LD Lreceptor. Th e regulatory poo lo f stero li s introducedint o th e mode l to tak e int o accoun tth efac t(referre dt o below ) that ,i nmos ttype so f cell ,fre e cholesterol derive dfro mlipoprotein s take nu pfro mth e externa l mediu mha s n o 34 3.

Nucleotid 4 '+5 e sequenc e o f th e 5'-untranslate d regio n o f th e hamste r reductas e gene . N u c l e o t i d e + 1 denote s th eA o f A T G use d t o e n c o d e th e initiato r m e t h i o n i n e c o d o n o f reduc tase; residue s precedin gi t ar e d e n o t e d b y negativ e numbers . T h e multipl e transcriptio n initia tionsite s predicte d b yS1 nucleas e analysi s ar e indicate d b y n u m b e r e d bar s a b o v e th e n u c l e o t i d e ; thos e predicte d b y prime r extensio n ar e indicate d b y dot s b e l o w th e nucleotide .

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