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This is often annotated teacher variation. remember that front states it used to be supplied at no cost and promoting will make pupil textbook expenditures upward push

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7Ϫ1͞4 71͞2 56. 51͞2 51͞3 57. 4Ϫ1͞3 41͞4 58. 23͞2 21͞4 65. 3 30. ͙ s10t 7 60. (s4y 5)Ϫ1͞3 x 1͞3 и x 1͞2 x2 62. 31. ͙3x 2y и ͙15xy 3 32. ͙5yz 3 и ͙8y 2z 2 33. ͙12yz и ͙3y 3z 5 34. ͙6x 3y 2 и ͙3xy 4 y 2͞3 и y 3͞2 y3 64. (27rsϪ3)1͞3 (x 2͞3y 3͞2)2 y Ϫ1͞3x 2 66. (x 4͞3y 1͞4)3 xy 1͞2 ᭤Applications In this set of exercises, you will use radicals and rational exponents to study real-world problems. 3 3 53. 5Ϫ1͞2 и 51͞2 63. (8r 3͞2sϪ2)2͞3 Ϫ375 32 29. ͙ x 8y 4 3 52. 21͞2 и 2Ϫ1͞3 61. 28. ͙s6y 3 35. ͙ 6x 3y 2 и ͙ 4x 2y 51.

27. Ϫ2 16. 2 ■ Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation 19 ͩ ͩ ͪ ͪ 4x 3y 2z 3 16x Ϫ2yz Ϫ1 Ϫ4s5t Ϫ2 37. 12s3t Ϫ2 35. 36. ͩ ͩ ͪ ͪ 27s3z 5t Ϫ2 38. 3z 2t In Exercises 77–82, calculate and round your answer to the correct number of significant figures. 2 9x 3y 4z 7 3x Ϫ4y 3z Ϫ1 77. 2 Ϫ3 78. 0 In Exercises 39–50, write each number in scientific notation. 79. 5 39. 0051 40. 37 80. 01 41. 5600 42. 497 81. 2) 43. 0000567 44. 0000032 82. 500 45. 1,760,000 46. 5,341,200 47. 605 48. 31 49. 280,000,000 50.

N factors The number a is the base and the number n is the exponent. Negative integer exponents are defined in terms of positive integer exponents as follows. Definition of Negative Integer Exponents Let a be any nonzero real number and let m be a positive integer. Then aϪm ෇ 1 . am Technology Note To evaluate an expression involving exponents, use the xy key found on most scientific calculators. On a graphing calculator, use the ^ (hat) key. Keystroke Appendix: Section 4 Example 2 Writing an Expression with Positive Exponents Write each expression using positive exponents.

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