Anthony McFarlane's Colombia before Independence: Economy, Society, and Politics PDF

By Anthony McFarlane

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This e-book describes and analyzes fiscal and political advancements in Colombia throughout the ultimate century of Spanish rule. Its objective is threefold: first, to supply a basic portrait of Colombian society through the overdue colonial interval, exhibiting the nature of financial, social, and political existence within the territory's important areas; moment, to evaluate the effect at the sector of ecu imperialist enlargement in the course of the eighteenth century; and 3rd, to supply a context for figuring out the motives of independence. The e-book deals the one on hand survey of Colombian background and historiography for this era.

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Chandler, From Impotence to Authority: The Spanish Crown and the American Audiencias, 1697—1808 (Columbia, Mississippi, I977X pp. 18-36. 28 Foundations meanwhile, there was no effort to follow up the investigations made by Alcedo y Sotomayor, nor any attempt to repair the disorders in government that he had encountered. New Granada therefore continued under the same weak, decentralized form of government that had prevailed under the last Hapsburg, without any novel intervention from the central authorities in Spain.

2 But if better maps present a more accurate definition of the land and its political boundaries, much is also concealed beneath their orderly surface. When New Granada first came under Bourbon rule, it was a mosaic of regions, each isolated from the others by long distances and difficult terrain, and distinguished by cultural differences arising from variations in the local blend of Europeans, Indians, and Africans. The area of effective settlement was, moreover, quite small. Much of the territory shown in colonial maps was only notionally controlled by the Spanish state.

There were of course regional variations within New Granada, but generally the absence of large native populations, based in the corporate ownership of land and standing in a special relationship to the Spanish state, had produced a different social order from regions of the Americas where Indians were in the majority. Racial divisions reinforced by economic inequalities stratified New Granadan society as they did in other parts of Spanish America, but New Granada was in many ways a less rigid society than those where Indian cultures had remained strong, such as the highlands of Quito, or the southern Andean regions of Peru and Upper Peru, or southern Mexico.

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