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By Surya Prakash Dwivedi, Neeraja Dwivedi.

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Very seldom is a seven-membered ring formed: Fructose exists in solution and in compounds as a furanose; however, in the crystalline state only the pyranose ring is believed to exist. Ribose occurs as the furanose structure in many important biological compounds. While writing the cyclic form (Haworth) of monosaccharides it is sometimes difficult to judge whether an OH group should be above or Comprehensive Biochemistry 30 below the plane of the ring. A few rules can be followed for writing Haworth's structure for carbohydrates.

The controlled removal of methoxyl groups, converting high methoxyl pectins to low-methoxyl pectins, is possible using pectin methylesterases but the reverse process is not easily achieved. High methoxyl-pectins (> 43% esterified) gel by the formation of hydrogen-bonding and hydrophobic interactions in the presence of acids and sugars. Carbohydrates 41 Functionality: Pectins are mainly used as gelling agents, but can also act as thickener, water binder and stabilizer. g. 5); the lower the methoxyl content, the slower the set.

The intercrystalline regions occur at regular intervals (60-700A) containing the majority of a-I - 6 linkages. The amylopectin molecule is 100-150 A in diameter and 1200-4000 A long. Within the granule, amylose may be located between amylopectin molecules and associated with the linear regions of the amylopectin molecule. Amylopectin produces a purple to red color with iodine. 10A: Amylopactin showing a 1--4 & a 1-{; glycosidic linkage H OH Carbohydrates 37 . ~::.. . . , ....... ::::::::::::::~~~...

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