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By Kenneth Maxwell

ISBN-10: 0203312635

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ISBN-10: 0415949890

ISBN-13: 9780415949897

A examine of Brazil in the course of a serious formative interval which illuminates the motives of its distinct ancient improvement inside of Latin the US.

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The foundry houses were to be administered by an intendant and fiscal, chosen not from among the class of magistrates but from among the most substantial local property owners nominated by a plurality of votes in the municipal councils and approved by the superior crown magistrate (ouvidor) of the district. These officials were to work closely with the administrators of the contract of entrances (entradas), the captaincy import taxes, which had been farmed out by the overseas council to private speculators in return for an agreed sum.

2 The quick profits in silver and gold which went to the itinerant traders and the foreign factors and merchants in Lisbon, of which they were little more than the hired salesmen, seriously disrupted regular colonial commerce. The activities of the interlopers and contrabandists were not confined to the principal trading centers of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Pernambuco. 3 And the situation in Pará and Maranhão was complicated by the commercial activities of the religious orders. The colonists of the far north felt themselves shut off from the benefits of Amazon trade, and they blamed the religious orders’ possessive protection of the Indian for depriving them of labor.

A vigorous attempt was made to rationalize and fortify the collection machinery of the major royal tribute, the royal fifth. The colonial debtor was defended from violent foreclosure. Inspection houses were established to regulate the prices of the colonial staples. And fundamental to the whole concept of the future of the American territory, the security of the colony was to be assured by population, and as this could not be realized by massive European emigration, it was to be achieved by the liberation and Europeanization of the Indian.

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