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By Ray Winninger

ISBN-10: 0931787955

ISBN-13: 9780931787959

The surprising visual appeal of a deadly gravity bubble reasons the TARDIS to dematerialize aboard a boat of the Earth Empire on an emergency venture to carry important serum to a plaque-ridden global. sooner than the journey is over, The healthcare professional and his partners needs to contend not just with the death-dealing gravity bubble, yet with the ship's paranoid laptop, house pirates, and an assault by way of androids in addition!

This event comprises the deck plans of the courier send and broad notes to assist the start gamemaster run a task taking part in scenario.

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Her loyalty to her friends is very strong. She almost never acts without first developing a complete plan of action. Appearance: Height: Tall Build: Stocky Looks: Average Apparent Age: Middle-Aged Adult Actual Age: 750 + Regenerations Used: 3 Recognition Handle: In his fourth incarnation, The Doctor appeared as a tall, lanky man with a tangled mop of curly red-brown hair, prominent blue eyes, and an open expresssion; this form has been affectionately described as "all teeth and curls". He wore a long, reddishbrown frock coat, a floppy hat, and a distinctive seventeen-foot-long scarf with multi-colored stripes.

The Blaster can fire 15 shots before its power pack is drained. Power packs are small, rectangular plastic boxes about 5 cm long. In addition to carrying a Mark VII Blaster, every Centurion carries three extra power packs and one Fusion II Grenade. The Fusion II Grenade is a low-powered, lightweight grenade that resembles a small black plastic ball. Fusion Grenades are thrown using the same range modifiers as rocks. They do type A damage to everything within three meters of their target. zard-like race of beings, was colonized oy the Earth Empire early in its history.

When playing Lindsay, try to stress his likability. Have him always stopping to chat with the crew and other characters (including SAM). CHAR: II PERS: II Brief Personal History: Birthplace:Earth Michael Lindsay entered the Imperial Space Navy as a commissioned officer after completing his university education. Because of his excellent service and many friends in the upper rankS, his rapid promotions came as no surprise. Lindsay has been on the Leander longer than Captain Fleming and knows the ship and crew better.

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