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By Barbara Karmazin

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BRIDGET O'KEEFE has her complete existence deliberate right down to the final element. She'll whole a three-year agreement with the small city of Lacrimas, North Carolina and wipe out the big institution bills she incurred to turn into a doctor. Afterwards, she'll have her choose of any genetics lab within the nation for complete time study. She does not desire any own entanglements with the Harkers, an odd and reclusive relations who personal a thirty-mile component to swampland close to Lacrimas.

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Debbie pursed her lips. ” Bridget looked down and frowned at her clenched hands. Why should a friendship with Lily bother Debbie? She relaxed her hands. “Lily gave me Shelley. ” She lifted her head and gave Debbie a puzzled frown. “I enjoy her company. What's wrong with that? We haven't slit our wrists and become bloodsisters. She's an intelligent and lonely woman. ” Debbie laid her hand over Bridget's. ” Bridget shook her head. “I know that. You helped me get this job. ” Bridget yanked her hand from Debbie's loose grasp.

Debbie gestured at Bridget. “Grandpa Lucas, this is Dr. Bridget O'Keefe. She works at the new clinic in Lacrimas. ” Bridget stepped forward and shook hands with him while Debbie unhooked the screen door and went inside the house. Despite his advanced years, Lucas's grip was strong and secure. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. ” Debbie returned a few minutes later with a pitcher of lemonade and three glasses. When she handed Lucas his glass, she whispered in his ear. He listened carefully then nodded.

I climbed up the embankment, tripped and fell down on my hands and knees. ” Debbie tapped Bridget's leg and pointed at the pitcher of lemonade. Bridget shook her head. She didn't feel like drinking any more just now. They waited. The bumblebee flew up from the honeysuckle vine like an overloaded cargo plane and disappeared into the sunlight. Lucas put his glass on the table and closed his eyes. Bridget wondered if he had fallen asleep. Debbie squeezed her hand. The holograph turned its head and stared at Bridget.

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