CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Terribly Wrong by Heather Mann PDF

By Heather Mann

ISBN-10: 0761183086

ISBN-13: 9780761183082

Terrible Bridgit, who overvalued the dimensions of her head—her home made frilly lace bathe cap got here immediately all the way down to her chin. And who can blame Lindsey for pondering "glitter shoes" appeared like a funky, effortless undertaking rather than what it grew to become out to be: a puddle of gleaming glop. and very, whoever published that amazing Spaghetti-Stuffed Garlic Bread on Pinterest can be sued. whilst Mindy pulled hers from the oven, it gave the impression of a "hot mess of intestines streaming out of doughy flesh." Mmmm, thanks, Pinterest!
Written by means of Heather Mann, writer of, her hilarious web publication with hundreds of thousands of web page perspectives and thousands of fans, CraftFail celebrates the artistic strategy, yet from the opposite part. this is often the stuff that will get the "A for Effort" and LOL for final result. yet as soon as the laughter dies down, it additionally conjures up a hot feel-good recognize for crafters who aren't afraid to fail. in any case, whether there's no longer a mortal alive other than Martha who could make a Waxed middle beneficial of placing on your window to trap the solar, why shouldn't many test? while it is going unsuitable, why shouldn't the remainder of us take pleasure in this Epic Fail? after which examine the entire full-color photographs that rfile it.
Home decor fails, type fails, vacation fails, meals fails, child crafting fails— as one nameless crafter stated: "It wasn't presupposed to finish this way." fortunately for us, it did.

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