New PDF release: Creating Anarchy

By Ron Sakolsky

This anthology of lots of Sakolsky’s essays comprises chapters in a dynamic university of rules and motion. Born firstly of a brand new century, this shiny assortment glows with flames of discontent and defiance and flows with waves of laughter and chance. Ranging generally from Mayday to Utopia, from Refusal to Autonomy, and from riot to mind's eye, this compilation is in flip defiant, reflective, and playful—a brick for hurling throughout the home windows of melancholy and a doorway to making an anarchy that's not afraid to dream.

Creating Anarchy is a set of his writings (and artwork items through a few surrealist friends), reflecting his pursuits and considering during the last couple of a long time. This new version comprises newer items (including the fairly correct “My lifestyles within the educational Gulag”, during which he discusses how and if you'll retain anarchist positions in the academy) and a brand new advent.

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Our sense of community has constantly been eroded so that things that used to be provided by us, in cooperative kinds of arrangements, are now provided for us by the twin engines of centralized government and consumer capitalism. Our resulting dependence on the state and the corporate marketplace involves a profound shift. ” Certainly, we all should be able to have our health care needs met, but the underlying idea of state benevolence is misleading. Health care is something the state offers you as sort of a trade off for all the things which they do that you might not be so happy with, like making war.

Rather than dismiss those with agoraphobic sensitivities in apolitical terms, we should recognize their situation as being analogous to that of the unfortunate canary in the coal mine, warning us of imminent danger so that we can get the hell out of there before it is too late. Just as paranoia can be seen as a heightened state of awareness, agoraphobia needs to be recognized as a distress signal that highlights social rather than individual causation. The problem is collective and so is the solution.

No Liberty without shields? So I take the liberty to tell you to take your shield and shove it up your unliberated ass! Liberate me from shields that shield me in the name of liberty. In fact, forget it! I’ll liberate myself from your shield and shield myself from your liberty. * This poem is directed at the US Department of Homeland Security’s “Operation Liberty Shield” program initiated in conjunction with the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. It originally saw the light of day at the Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco, April 2003, and was read again in June of 2003 at “The Word in Ruigoord” poetry festival in Amsterdam.

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