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By Vox Day

Fifty years in the past, the US used to be lied to and betrayed via its leaders.

With almost no debate, Congress handed the main radical swap to immigration legislations in American heritage. due to the fact 1965, the USA has persisted the largest mass migration of individuals in human historical past, two times the scale of the nice wave of immigration into america among 1870 and 1930. therefore, americans are being displaced of their personal land by way of an ongoing invasion that dwarfs Operation Barbarossa, is 2 orders of importance greater than the Mongol hordes, and is a thousand instances better than the 1st Crusade.

America's so-called conservative leaders and the conservative media have joined forces with liberal internationalists in brazenly celebrating this large invasion, counting on undesirable theology, outmoded economics, and ancient myths to falsely declare that immigration is an ethical vital, an fiscal necessity, and within the nationwide curiosity. Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed the United States is a robust security of America's correct to exist as a kingdom through local American authors, in addition to a damning indictment of a conservatism that has didn't preserve America's tradition and traditions.

This robust and remorseless publication addresses the parable of the Melting Pot, proves that mass immigration is a internet unfavorable for the U.S. financial system, and exposes the anti-Christian ideology in the back of the Christian establishment's aid for multiculturalism and open borders. It even exhibits how 50 years of immigration have reduced America's normal IQ. The authors pull no punches in conclusively demonstrating that it's not correct, it's not ethical, it isn't economically useful, and it's not Constitutional to betray America's posterity.

In Cuckservative, John crimson Eagle and Vox Day warn americans that in the event that they don't shield their tradition, their posterity, and their country, they're going to finally locate themselves on their lonesome path of Tears.

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They accept most of the moral precepts of the left, and simply want less of them, or for them to happen more slowly. It is said that a conservative is merely a progressive who is 20 years late. So it is with immigration. Today’s conservatives, derisively labeled cuckservatives by their alt-right critics, have been, at best, cowardly and disloyal sell-outs. At worst, they have been active collaborators with the left in the latter’s grand project of remaking America by replacing Americans. 2. The Magic Dirt “I think of them as a plague of locusts.

He arrived with a fairly small army, and after defeating and killing Harold of England, he replaced most of the local nobles with his own retainers. Because this was a change of aristocracies rather than a wave of mass immigration, the new rulers ultimately assimilated to English culture rather than the reverse. Even so, because the Normans were culturally cohesive, confident and societally dominant, modern English derives nearly a third of its vocabulary from French. The Normans also reintroduced elements of Latin social hierarchy into English society, some of which survive in the remnants of the British class system even today, elements that were rejected by the American revolutionaries.

He must be brought into complete harmony with our ideals and aspirations and cooperate with us for their attainment. —Louis D. Brandeis, Justice of the United States Supreme Court, July 4, 1915 When every new wave of immigrants looked up and saw the Statue of Liberty, or knelt down and kissed the shores of freedom just ninety miles from Castro’s tyranny, these new Americans surely had many questions. But none doubted that here in America they could build a better life, that in America their children would be more blessed than they.

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