Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English - download pdf or read online

By David Abbott

ISBN-10: 0957228902

ISBN-13: 9780957228900

Darkish Albion: A Requiem for the English is being acclaimed as an underground vintage. In 33 witty essays jam-packed with perception and humour, the writer, a Cockney pensioner, portrays immigration as noticeable and skilled via the likes of him. Following an introductory essay, he graphically describes "the coming of the English" in 449, covers the present state of affairs in all its ramifications, and ends with a beautiful Orwellian essay on England in 2066, in the course of the reign of "William the Conquered".

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Remnants of English traditional calmness and understated manner of expressing themselves still exist but the quality is vanishing. And the new loudness and excitability should not be dismissed as an unimportant change, for it is not natural to these shores; it is an alien way of behaving, and it accompanies other challenges to the traditional English manner. Thirty-five years ago, the philosopher Isaiah Berlin wrote a tribute to his Austrian friend Raimund von Hofmannsthal, who had settled in London after the war.

Maybe one of the ships has capsized, and snapped its mast, for which Hengist now rages at the helmsman. Presumably, some locals are waiting on the clifftop to welcome them, having been alerted by Vortigen’s men that they come as allies, one with a glinting chain about his neck, suggesting he is of high rank. Possibly some have misgivings. Even unarmed (axes, swords, round shields and leather helmets still stowed away in the bilge in large, heavy hessian sacks) and laughing and shouting like excited children, the newcomers look ferocious.

Other peoples followed the Caribbeans. The first big group to come from the Indian subcontinent was Punjabi Sikhs. Next came Hindu Gujaratis. Then it was Muslims, first from north-east Pakistan, then from Bengal, then from what is now Bangladesh. ’). Within fifty years of the docking of the Empire Windrush the racial complexion of England had changed utterly. Most big towns had areas in which white people had become rare. Already, talking about immigrants in those places as ‘minorities’ sounded perverse.

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