Cat Adams's Demon Song PDF

By Cat Adams

ISBN-10: 1429966394

ISBN-13: 9781429966399

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The sun was right in our eyes as we opened the door. Damn. I’d thought it was earlier than that. Had we real y been shopping long enough for sunset to approach without my noticing? Jones walked straight to a nondescript gray sedan at the edge of the parking lot. I caught up to him so we didn’t look like we were playing crack the whip. “Jingle Bel s” was playing from loudspeakers outside the store. Cool ocean winds and my ever-present flock of seagul s made the whole situation total y surreal. Even Jones looked up to watch the white birds swooping and dancing in the air above our heads.

You can pul away if you want to. ” I couldn’t see my watch because my fingers were gliding through his so-soft hair, pul ing his lips closer so they were once more moving against my neck. Bad. I knew I was being bad. Kevin needed me. He could be dying while I was letting a handsome mage tease me breathless. Creede’s hands were cupping my butt now. It felt so good. Then the hands paused and the whisper grew chiding. “Come on, Celia. Concentrate. I know you can get past this like you can get past your fears.

The tone startled me, brought me out of my fog. My pulse slowed to near normal and I could think again. Now I knew what this was al about. Creede was a business first, pleasure second sort of guy. Just like me. “And this isn’t the time. Right? ” He’d been teasing me on purpose. Getting my mind shifted away from old worries and fears, onto a path toward new things. Including the task at hand. I took a deep breath and let it out slow. ” Another thanks earned me another growl in my ear. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and pul ed back.

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