Elizabeth Peters's Devil May Care   PDF

By Elizabeth Peters

ISBN-10: 0061834149

ISBN-13: 9780061834141

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Cats with long tails, cats with no tails at all. Kate had left the room, presumably in search of refreshments, so Henry was able to stare unobserved, which he did. The cats weren’t the only kind of clutter. A long table in the center of the room was heaped with miscellaneous objects, ranging from fabric and tangles of bright-colored wool to tools such as pliers and hammers; scraps of wood, papers (newspapers, carbon paper, sketching paper), pencils, scissors, an orange rind, and four coffee cups, all of them dirty.

Ellie was flushed and suspiciously moist around the eyes. Kate looked pensive, and, for her, almost subdued. She greeted Henry and removed a cat from a chair so that he could sit down. She was wearing a long skirt embroidered in silks of varying shades of blue, a pale-blue silk blouse, and enough jewelry to stock a store. Diamonds blazed and sapphires glowed in the soft light of sunset. There were opals on her small ugly hands. Ellie’s only ornaments were her engagement ring and a copper-colored pendant that resembled a petrified fried egg.

Ghosts, indeed! Kate was really a little obvious at times. And yet Henry had definitely been scratching. He never scratched. Scratching was lower class. Was it possible that Kate… The soft silkiness of fur brushed her bare ankles, and she looked down to find herself calf-deep in cats. The dogs had their own house, an elaborate heated kennel that resembled a Walt Disney castle — one of Kate’s more revolting architectural conceptions. They spent part of their time there and part of it in the house, to which they were admitted, on rainy days, via a system of mud rooms, drying rooms, and the like, as complex as the air locks on a space vehicle.

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