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By Piers Anthony

ISBN-10: 0812575423

ISBN-13: 9780812575422

Past the area we all know there's a multiverse of Modes the place many unusual realities interlock in an infinitely problematic trend, and a perverse and deranged Emperor performs a perilous multidimensional online game with human pawns as his slaves.Now, with DoOon Mode, Piers Anthony eventually grants the breathtaking climax to this impressive saga. Fearing the heroine Coleen's dawning energy, the wicked Emperor Ddwng dispatches a poor brain Monster to attack her soul and bend her to his will. to guard herself, and people she loves, Coleen needs to trip again via many worlds to her own residence in the world, face her private and darkest fears, and draw the power for a last war of words to save lots of the multiverse from tyranny and domination.

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