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By Carmen Carter

ISBN-10: 0671743562

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goals Of The Raven

A service provider ship's frantic S.O.S sends the U.S.S. Enterprise™ dashing to the rescue! however the starships venture of mercy quickly turns into a determined fight for survival opposed to a nightmarish enemy Captain Kirk can neither determine nor comprehend, an enemy he needs to defeat with no the help of one in all his so much relied on officials.

For the Leonard McCoy Kirk knew is long past. In his position stands a stranger -- a guy with out reminiscence of his Starfleet profession, his kinfolk, his friends... or the only factor James T. Kirk wishes so much of all. His dreams.

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When the deck tremors began, the first officer was already braced for the movement but McCoy immediately lost his balance. Above the whine of the ship's engines came the shatter of glass hitting a far wall and the crack of bone against metal. " Spock fell to his hands and knees to crawl across the floor as it heaved and buckled. By the time he reached the crumpled form there was already a small pool of blood forming under the head. "Gravity adjustment complete. " Chapter Four. 5 The Enterprise lies dead in space, seriously damaged by an attack we still cannot explain...

It is an exceptionally aggressive action with no readily discernible benefit. One vessel, while capable of easing considerable disruption of local commerce and transportation, would still stand little chance of challenging Federation military forces. " "It could start an intergalactic war," argued Kirk. "Ships from every planetary system in the Federation pass through those shipping lanes. Random attacks could antagonize a sufficient number of voting Council members to authorize a retaliation on the Empire.

At the same time navigational deflectors set off a barrage of sparks in the darkness. "That is what is left of the Vcrella," explained Spock as the debris in their path was vaporized. The remaining ship grew larger on the screen, It was an ungainly agglomeration of oddly-shaped cabins welded together in a haphazard pattern. Perhaps the single engine nacelle had once possessed sleeker lines, but now its metal surface was roughened and scored by phaser fire. Spock huddled in communion with his computers.

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