Eaten Alive (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 1) - download pdf or read online

By John Whitman

ISBN-10: 0836822358

ISBN-13: 9780836822359

Thirteen-year-old Tash, her more youthful brother Zak, and their Uncle Hoole stopover at the planet D'vouran, the place they come upon the sluglike crime lord Smada the Hutt and reviews of individuals vanishing into skinny air.

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Atop the hoversled sat the surviving Gank killer and Smada the Hutt. Smada's massive frame shook with anger. " The roar exploded out of Smada the Hutt like a thunderclap. The mighty Hutt rose up to his full height, balancing himself on the tip of his thick body. Stretched out, Smada stood three meters above the deck of his hoversled, dwarfing even his Gank guard. It was an awesome sight to behold, and his voice boomed powerfully enough to conjure a demon. Instead it conjured the Enzeen. They melted out of the forest, twenty of them, all carrying lamps.

Finally the hand, too, disappeared. The hole closed up as if it had never been, and the victim was gone. For the rest of the bodyguards, it was the last straw. Smada didn't pay them enough for this. They searched for someplace safe. But what place was safe from the ground itself? Smada's hoversled. The five remaining Ganks swarmed the floating platform, trying to escape the creature beneath the ground. There wasn't enough room on the crowded sled, and they began to scratch and claw one another like men fighting over the last life pod in a doomed starship.

He was afraid of it, but he knew that somehow it was the cause of all the evil he had seen. Now, at last, someone else believed him. There was a rumble from deep within the dark abyss. The rumble became a groan. Bebo leaned over the edge of the pit. For just a moment he thought he saw something moving down there. But he did not see the Gank killer creep up behind him until it was too late. "This is from Smada the Hutt," the Gank snarled, raising his blaster. " He fired. The bolt struck Bebo and sent him tumbling into the pit.

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