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Now the switch may be opened and the charge will remain in the capacitor. In the hydraulic "circuit," when the pump is stopped and the valve opened, the water will immediately flow from the section which has the higher pressure to the section which has the lower pressure. As soon as the pressures are equal, the flow will stop. In like manner, if the generator in the electric circuit is stopped and the switch is closed, the electrons will flow from the negatively charged plate, through the generator, and back to the positive plate.

If a current of 5 amp is flowing in a coil of an electromagnet and there are 300 turns of wire in the coil, the coil will have an mmf of 1,500 amp-turns. 26 gilberts, the mmf may also be given as 1,890 gilberts. The ultimate strength of the magnet also depends upon the permeability of the core material. Electromagnets are used for many purposes, some of which were mentioned in the introduction to this chapter. The application of electromagnets will be discussed in detail as the various components of electrical systems are described in later sections of this text.

45 it can be seen that R, and RA are connected in parallel. The formula for two parallel resistances can be used to determine the resistance of the combination. We shall call this combination R,. 46 Second equivalent circuit. 47 Third equivalent circuit. 48 Fourth equivalent circuit. 49 Fifth equivalent circuit. Now an equivalent circuit can be drawn as in Fig. 46 to further simplify the solution. In this circuit we combine the two series resistances, R, and R,, to obtain a value of 10 Q for &.

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