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By Terence N. D'Altroy, Christine A. Hastorf

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The higher Mantaro Archaeological learn venture, a multiyear software undertaken from the past due Seventies during the mid-1980s, is a benchmark for a brand new point of caliber in Andean archaeological learn and has introduced the speculation and substance of analysis within the zone to the eye of the bigger archaeological group. This quantity keeps the UMARP culture of constructing cutting edge ways to knowing prehistoric Andean economic system and polity.

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In highlandNew Guinea, even though women feed and raise the pigs, men will give the pigs away, often without the women’s consent, thus causing internal tensions (Mojeska, 1982). There also women have started their own banking system to keep their production independent of their husbands (Sexton, 1982). Although some aspects of production are not pooled, others are, including jointly owned animals received at marriage. These examples suggest that we must think through how much we can use the idea of pooling produce for each particular cultural situation and at what level we should envision such pooling.

Hayden and Cannon (1982, 1985) have shown, for example, that different kinds of household-related behavior are more readily recognized at different scales of material analysis, including those more inclusive than the single household unit. Although this research has significantly refined questions and strengthened interpretations in archaeology, we must always be careful when applying historical analogical sources to our research. , 1987; Hastorf, 1991; D’Altroy, 1992; Sikkink, Chapter 5, this volume), but acknowledge that reliance on direct historical continuity can not only act to illuminate but also act against recognition of patterns that leave no documentary record or have no modem counterpart.

The specialized agricultural enclaves of the Inka and Sassanian empires may be cited here (Murra, 1980; La Lone and La Lone, 1987; La Lone, 1994; Wenke, 1987). Collectively, the differing imperial goals for state expansion, the varied natures of the subject societies, and the costs and benefits of differing approaches would have contributed to varying policies of rule across the same empire. For these reasons, among others, we feel that it is necessary to explore both the systematic and particular features of imperial-provincial relations in order to explain the effects of imperial conquest on the domestic economy of any given region.

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