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By Terrance Dicks

ISBN-10: 0563538228

ISBN-13: 9780563538226

Feliks, an acquaintance of the Doctor's, is killed in an coincidence. He leaves the general practitioner a coded message. With hassle, the health care provider decodes the message and unearths himself stuck up in the course of a perilous, world-threatening clash.

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He allowed the nurse to put him back to bed, and submitted meekly to having his pulse felt and his temperature taken. ’ he asked when the thermometer was removed. ’ ‘I’ll see what I can do,’ she murmured. She seemed rather distracted, staring at the thermometer, and hesitating as to whether or not she should note down what his pulse had been. After she had gone, the Doctor checked the charts at the end of his bed. There were several scratched-out notes, as if whoever had made them had then changed their mind or decided they must be mistaken.

With the war six years over, food rationing dragged on. One piece of good news, apparently, was that petrol rationing was to come to an end. Like the Doctor himself, the audience seemed largely indifferent to the news, whether ostensibly good or bad. Since most of the audience consisted of young couples wrapped in each other’s arms, perhaps this wasn’t surprising. When the programme had come round for the third time, the Doctor got up and went up the stairs into Piccadilly Circus. It was dark now, and he merged with the strolling crowds under the neon lights, drifting along Shaftesbury Avenue and heading towards Bloomsbury.

Completely. Nobody on site, no watchers nearby. ’ he asked. ‘Not a sniff, sir. ’ ‘Then it’s time that you did the same. The Doctor will turn up some time tonight, and I don’t want him scared off. ’ ‘Good. Make sure your cargo’s secure and then go home. ’ Philby put down the phone, finished his whisky and poured himself another. He made a mental note to go easy. It looked like being a long night, and he wanted to be ready for his visitor when he arrived. He unlocked the briefcase by the side of his chair and took out a thin buff file.

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