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By Diane Carey Christie Golden Kenneth Biller Robert Doherty Rick Berman Brannon Braga

ISBN-10: 0743442164

ISBN-13: 9780743442169

For seven tumultuous years, the U.S.S. Voyager™ has explored the Delta Quadrant, encountering unusual alien civilizations and peculiar space-time anomalies because it steadfastly made its long ago towards the protection of Federation area. Captain Kathryn Janeway and her heroic team have confronted all demeanour of harrowing hazard and adversarial life-forms -- together with the Kazons, the Borg, and the Q -- whereas by no means wasting sight in their final target: domestic. Now, ultimately, Voyager's epic trek could be nearing its end... After such a lot of perilous and excellent adventures, will Captain Janeway ultimately carry her wayward starship again to the Alpha Quadrant? And what is going to turn into of her different but tightly knit staff? Will Chakotay, B'Elanna Torres, and the opposite former Maquis freedom combatants face long-delayed justice for his or her crimes opposed to the Federation? And is there anywhere in Starfleet for the uniquely self sustaining Borg often called Seven of 9? because the final future of Voyager is printed, all that's sure is that not anything will ever be a similar!

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The little girl nodded and merrily departed, giving Janeway her opening. She wanted to talk to Kim, but only to him, not to a knot of smiling relatives trying to pretend they were having a great time-again. "Here you are, Captain," she began, circling in on Kim with a fresh drink for him. " Kim nodded toward the little girl. " "It's amazing how fast you've all grown up," Janeway said. Kim shrugged, then his smile faded. " She wanted to tell him the truth, but this was more gentle. His expression suggested he knew more than he was saying.

She'd combed her hair with it every morning since the ship found itself propelled seventy thousand light-years into deep space with no shortcut home. She'd made a decision and stuck with it. Why look back now? But twenty-six years . She picked up her old coffee cup, one of the last links to her great long struggle, and turned it a little to avoid the chip in the rim. Six times she'd had to rescue this cup from attentive yeomen who wanted to get her a new one. " Janeway stood up from her Victorian couch and moved past the Bombay wicker table to the vast curved window.

Time to get down to business. Double-crossers like Korath were always easy targets. She had dealt with so many aliens and such varied psychologies in the Delta Quadrant that handling Klingons was a picnic. As easily as that, she left Korath and his insulted ego behind. She settled into her pilot seat and forced herself to relax, a trick she had practiced from long ago. A shuttle at warp six wasn't like a starship speeding along. There weren't twelve decks between her and space, no heavily insulated cushioning, no superstructure to absorb the effects of speed impossible in nature.

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