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By Aldous Huxley

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Ends and potential (an Enquiry Into the character of beliefs and Into the tools hired for his or her awareness) is a ebook of essays written through Aldous Huxley. It was once released in 1937. The e-book includes illuminating tracts on battle, faith, nationalism and ethics.

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His recordings included descriptions of Tibetan customs, mannerisms, religious rites, flora and fauna, and of course the dramatic mountain terrain— all of which helped to fashion the images that formed the myth and later the romance of Tibet in the twentieth century. ’20 He was the first European they had ever seen. Shortly after his arrival, the Panchen Lama gave Bogle Tibetan clothing: heavier and more suitable for the climate, and which had the added advantage of making him less of a spectacle.

7 Thus, images of Tibet were fashioned and told by the British officers who were stationed there. 9 To that end, their views were positive, their reports did not address the inherent problems of a class system in which many were serfs, but rather portrayed Tibet and the Tibetan people on the whole as a happy contented people. A Western predisposition to clothe Tibet in mystery made it that much easier for the British to present Tibet as a Shangri-La. The British sought to control the images, perceptions and news flow that came out of Tibet.

12 Still, the British were puzzled by the American determination to gain access to Tibet and by their extraordinary secrecy. 14 In the end it was Tolstoy who persuaded the Tibetans to permit the small party to transit to China. Ludlow concluded that this was hardly an uncomplicated outcome. He wrote: Now the Tibetan Government are hoping that the United States will support Tibet in her efforts to maintain her freedom and independence. Consequently they were anxious, very anxious indeed, that the President’s envoy should have no cause for complaint.

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