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30-100kev protons upstream from the earth’s bow shock. Geophys. 79, pp. 489 - 498. A. (1982). Coupled hydromagnetic wave excitation and ion acceleration upstream of the Earth’s bow shock. Geophys. 87, pp. 5063 - 5080. A. (1983). Coupled hydromagnetic wave excitation and ion acceleration at interplanetary traveling shocks. Geophys. , Vol. 88, No. A8, pp. 6109-6119. Moreton, G. E. & Ramsey, H. E. (1960). Recent Observations of Dynamical Phenomena Associated with Solar Flares. PASP, Vol. 72, pp. 357.

Res. Lett. 29(9), pp. D. S. (1976). Coronal holes as sources of solar wind. 46, pp. 303-322. Olbert, S. (1968). Summary of experimental results from MIT detector on Imp-1. , p. Reidel, Dordrecht, Netherland. A. (1957). On the theory of the solar corona. D. Thesis in Physics and Mathematics. Kiev, Kiev University. N. (1958). Dynamics of interplanetary gas and magnetic fields. Astrophys. 128, pp. 664–675. Z. (1964). 2, pp. : “Gosatomizdat”. J. & Sheffield, J. (1965). Experimantal observations on the structure of collisionless shock waves in a magnetized plasma.

But their mechanisms are still unknown. This line of investigation is very fruitful for both solar-terrestrial physics and plasma physics. Z. T. (Russell, 2010) in their invited reports at COSPAR 2010. Such analysis-generalization should also be conducted for the Sun (though it has been partially done in many monographs) as well as for the Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere in their own right. Laying down the SW laws actually implies that the space science “solar wind” subdiscipline turns from multidirectional investigations and data collection into an independent branch of physics.

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